I don't really use this journal any more, not enough to warrant having a paid account anyway.
As such, what remains will probably look less interesting than it has been as most of my image posts will disappear. Same goes for most of my amusing/odd user icons.
C'est la vie. Frankly i'd rather have the cash.
rankin bass

virtual arachnid...

Scared of spiders?


If not, go ahead 'cos it's really cool.

Tomorrow night I'm DJ-ing Drum n' Bass and dark electronic stuff at ElectronBreaks on the middle floor of Redeemer, Belgrave Gate, Leicester. Come out if you're in need of tunes that could be described as "bangin'".

this is so 40 years ago...

it's funny, I was just reading a bit about the history of flying cars the other day and then this shows up...


hardly a breakthrough really - this idea's been around since the '50s, minus the vertical take-off option. I won't be impressed by flying cars until they're wingless, and preferably using anti-gravity technology. Sticking wings and jets on a car is never going to be the answer. End of.
block rockin' beets

happy happy joy joy...

Since the end of June last year, I've had to endure living directly below a bunch of maniacs who have no concept of how to live in a shared building. Violent arguments, smashing stuff around and insanely loud music at whatever hours of the day or night take their fancy have made living here pretty fucking miserable, and it's taken the best efforts of cyniborg to keep me happy/sane.
Anyway, they've just aggressively informed me that they're getting evicted in a week. Thank fuck for that, is all I can say. Although I do feel slightly sorry for the less horrific of the couple, I'm mostly hoping they'll just bugger off without much further incident. That would be nice.

keen to go green?

This is a lovely, refreshing pint of St Helier Pear Cider with Blueberry.

It tastes really good.

warning - this product may turn your poop green
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